Why is 1.5L aloe drink important

Before 1.5L aloe drink taste, but leaves physical inspection is made and attention to the bouquet of the sample is also part of the process. In fact, proper cupping is based on understanding the overall presentation of the aloe drink leaves.


The look and smell of dried leaves


First, examine the dried leaves. Black 1.5L drink, for example, should be dark (reddish brown) and well twisted, which indicates good withering. Open, flat sheet flows quickly; tightly rolled leaf takes longer to infuse and will give a better second cup. In general, a letter should be small, hard, well rolling and uniform in appearance.


Dry leaves can be compressed to check the stability of the letter, which is a sign of the young


. This method of assessing the quality of aloe drink is only used for black 1.5L aloe  drink. The look and smell of dried leaves is not the determining factors of quality in green and oolong aloe drinks.


After the previous stages to shape a cup of 1.5L drink ready for tasting part of the process. This involves steeping aloe drink.


Generally speaking, the same care associated with the review unsteeped aloe drink leaves must be maintained during soaking.


Clean water is essential


Purified, oxygenated water is better at preparing 1.5L aloe drink for tasting. Use water that has all minerals and other contaminants removed and oxygen added to provide fresh clean taste. Remove contaminants because even fresh, clean water contains minerals that affect the taste of 1.5L drink .. Fill in aloe drink kettle with water and bring to a boil.