White PVDF aluminium composite material

White PVDF aluminium composite material is an integral part of the construction of cars and motorcycles. Daimler Chrysler uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic for the manufacture of body components such as doors, flared rear wheel arches and bonnet Mercedes AMG Cabriolet. BMW has also gone on composite deck lid, roof and front fenders of the BMW M6. Other examples include carbon of Peugeot 907. Composite materials is highly appreciated by the automotive industry in their quest for ever lighter materials such as new compounds produced with greater strength and less weight, helping to contribute to a more efficient car.


The use of thermoplastic White PVDF aluminium composite material in and around your home is still quite limited, but new applications are coming every day. Furniture, doors and windows as a maintenance-free, is an area that has experimented the use of composites. Other applications can be seen on decks and pools.



The materials commonly used in electronics and some of the most common examples include the Ferrari 4000 notebook and portable Sony VAIO computer. Composite materials are also used in speakers B & W.


From plastic laminated trusses and beams for outdoor decks and terraces, White PVDF aluminium composite material products find their way into all sorts of manufacturing applications.