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Carbon fiber sign board supplier used to make bulletproof vests to offer lightweight body armor that does not jeopardize to offer protection from the flames, explosives or bullets. Kevlar, an example of such a fiber is five times stronger than steel, but half as dense as fiberglass.


Why choose Composites?



Technologies has provided engineering thermoplastics composites materialssince1998. Our experience in the field enables us to develop high-density thermoplastic compounds and to ensure that our plastic materials solve challenges facing your sign board supplier products without breaking your budget. We specialize in lead replacement applications and high-density and our compounds can be used for all kinds of applications, from radiation protection and balancing with Vibration and weighting. In addition, all composite materials are 100% lead-free and do not contain any hazardous or toxic materials. So if you need a lead substitute or a replacement for aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel or brass, we have always the right solution for you.


You can design the door of your dreams right on the website by selecting the sign board supplier style, color and glazing options and then your product will be delivered to your home.