Supply for pineapple premium aloe vera drink

Pineapple premium aloe vera drink has been widely used in cosmetic materials, health food, beverage, dairy products, needs daily , medicine and other fields. According to statistics, annual sales in world commodity and aloe products juice delectable topped $ 65 billion in 1997. Experts estimate that in the next ten years, the world production of aloe industry will exceed 100 billion.



United States is the country that has developed and applied the pineapple premium aloe vera drink products. He began to develop in the 1950s, the late 1970s and early 1980s were prevalent in the United States use of aloe, aloe then nose-dive, he began a steady and healthy development.


Now, the various elements essential to their people in US supermarkets Litchi associated with aloe vera juice delicious. He developed more than 1500 kinds of products that contain aloe, produces over 10,000 tonnes of pineapple premium aloe vera drink, supply for Europe and dozens of countries.