Plain Aluminum Plates Manufacturer system

This dimension checking Plain Aluminum Plates Manufacturer process is performed through an automated system. These profiles, which are produced throughout the process described above, are then subjected to proper handling through the transport system. This transport system is essentially controlled by the PLC. This process continues until aluminum extrusion materials reach. There is more aluminum in the earth's crust than any other metal.

Plain Aluminum Plates

It is the third largest material in the world after oxygen and silicon and Plain Aluminum Plates Manufacturer accounts for 8% of the Earth's solid surface. A total of 31.9 million tonnes were produced in 2005 and 45 million tonnes are expected to be produced in 2012. Aluminum, which is clean, has an aluminum foil of low tensile strength, e.g. 99% pure aluminum. As such, it is often combined with other metals such as copper, zinc, manganese and magnesium to produce alloys.


These alloys have an improved strength to weight ratio and are used in missiles and aircraft. Other uses include Plain Aluminum Plates Manufacturer packaging, construction, coolers, paint and pyrotechnics. The use of aluminum is not limited to industrial applications; Many uses for aluminum sheets can be found throughout the house, such as lamps, chairs and tables.